Signal Boosters

Signal boosters take a weak radio or cellular signal and amplify it to increase service for your device.

Boosters are not able to create the cell phone signal boosters,
so there must be an existing signal to boost in order to improve your service.

Quintel sells the entire booster system or can provide you with parts. Install services also available. Please phone ahead for appointment.

In-Vehicle Boosters

Mobile boosting systems are permanently installed in your vehicle and provide a high gain for all devices within the range of the boost. The system requires an external antenna which can either be mounted permanently on your vehicle roof or fender. The repeater system has stronger gain than the single user cradle system and is ideal for multiple users within the same vehicle.

Cradle Boosters

Cradle boosters are another mobile cellular boost solution. They are easy to install, are smaller, and are generally less expensive than in-vehicle boosters. They are also simpler to move from vehicle to vehicle. The disadvantage of a cradle booster is that they have less gain or power than other booster systems and can only service a single device at a time.

Building Boosters

While you can use mobile booster systems to boost your signal in your building, the range is usually small (the size of a vehicle).

We recommend in-building abooster packages to ensure your coverage area in your house is maximized. An external antenna is mounted to receive the signal from your provider. Cabling is run into the house and connected to the booster which is powered by a stronger AC connection. All components are permanently mounted to optimize coverage and stability.