Rental Equipment

Reliable Rental Equipment

  • 106’ portable communications tower with cellular booster

  • Cell boosters for small areas

  • Drilling/Service rig mounted boosters

  • Portable Office systems 

  • Satelite Phones

  • I.S. handheld radios

  • Vehicle & base station radios

  • Smart hub internet

  • Oil Rig Intercom Systems

Transportable Towers

  • Quintel Communications  portable towers use industrial grade boosters with the latest technology.
  • 106’ portable communications tower with cellular booster

  • This provides the best possible performance with your newest phones and data devices.
  • Our towers have are deployed with zero ground disturbance.
  • Let one of our experienced field techs come and set it up for you.
  • High gain amplifiers give you signal in the most remote locations.

  • High quality and flexible cable is run up the derrick (or tower) reducing repairs and down time

Portable Radios

  •  Non-I.S. rated & I.S. rated  Radios for rent.

  • Available for as long as you may require them.

  • We also have gang chargers, mics, belt clips, spare batteries etc.

  • Need a specific channel we can do that too.

Vehicle Communications

  • Mobile Two-way Radios

  • Cigarette light plug n go

  • seat mount bracket

  • Programmed with all channels can be adjusted to your specifications

Satellite Phones

  • Comes in rugged case

  • Works almost anywhere

  • Reasonable rental rates