Rig Communications

Quintel offers complete rental

Wireless Intercom System for Hazardous locations – 

Class 1, Division 1 and 2.

Powerful and wireless – to reach every corner of your location

without external antennas or wired equipment.

Unlimited extensions!

Some key features of our system:

Safe – CSA approved Rig Phones and Loud Horn Ringer.

Secure – Digital Voice Technology. Point to point design – no one can listen in on your conversations.

Flexible – Unlimited extensions – multiple rigs, within range, to talk to each other.

  • No wires across the drill site or between the wellsite trailers.
  • Reliable wireless technology means interference is not a concern .
  • Cordless and corded desk phones for each shack extension provided.

With the most advanced intercom systems available our daily rental rates are some of the most competitive in the industry.

To find out more contact either of our two locations in Fairview or Peace River.